During the initial treatment protocol we recommend using the EquiPod for a minimum of 1-hour each day. Each PROGRAM provides an hour of continuous microcurrent, and can be repeated twice a day if desired. If using the EquiPod for prolonged periods of time please ensure the following;

The straps must not be overtightened. The pads only require a light, even pressure to maintain good connectivity.Ensure that the contact area of the pads and the surface of the skin is clean, dry and free of contaminants before using the EquiPod.After each treatment ensure the area of the skin where the gel has been applied is gently washed and dried.Do not use the EquiPod for more than 4 hours each day and remove after use.

For maintenance purposes the EquiPod can be used as often as required, depending on the ongoing needs of each horse. Older horses suffering from degenerative conditions such as arthritis may benefit from more regular treatments on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.